Bushfire Danger period starts on Oct 1st and runs till March 31st - Permits will be required to conduct burns from this date onwards.

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Welcome to the Bowning Bushfire Brigade

The information on this site is for members of the Brigade and the community

The Bushfire Season for the 2016/17 period will end on the 31/03/2017. A fire permit will not be required after this date.

Anyone who wishes to have a burn must contact fire control, the brigade captain and their neigbours prior to the burn. For further information contact Yass Fire Control 62263100.

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**The winter training roster for 2017 will be available shortly**

Spring/Summer 2016/17 Training Schedule

Bowning Bushfire Brigade Training Calendar

• Tuesday November 8th - (Go over Radios/Mapping) 6:30pm
• Tuesday November 22nd - (Pumping exercise from a dam using all utilities) 6:30pm
• Tuesday December 6th - (Running grass fire exercise, fire will be cones in this exercise) 6:30pm
• Tuesday December 20th - (Brigade area drive, checking tracks/hydrants etc) 6:30pm
• Tuesday January 3rd - (Fire overrun - Bowning1/2/7/9) 6:30pm
• Tuesday January 17th - (Pumping) 6:30pm
• Tuesday February 7th - 6:30pm
• Tuesday February 21st - 6:00pm
• Thursday March 9th - 6:30pm
• Tuesday March 21st - 6:30pm
Please note -
- For training all members that wish to be active throughout the fire season will be required to attend at least one of the above training sessions.

- Training will start from our station on Leake Street in Bowning.

*Schedule may be subject to change*

RFS Members

If you are an RFS memeber and have login details you can use this link to go to MYRFS

Link to Downloads from RFS website

Make sure you have your home and Bushfire survival plan ready before the season starts

Folow the link to Current Incidents on RFS Website


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