Bushfire Danger period starts on Oct 1st and runs till March 31st - Permits will be required to conduct burns from this date onwards.

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Welcome to the Bowning Bushfire Brigade

The information on this site is for members of the Brigade and the community

Notification Period for Burning now in effect

Anyone who wishes to conduct a burn should be aware that they are required to notify their local RFS office and captain, for further information please contact Yass Valley Fire control on 62263100.

Winter Training Schedule

Bowning Bushfire Brigade Training Calendar

Sunday 31st May - (introduction and info about how training is going to run etc) - 10:00am

Wednesday 10th June - (joint training with Yass Support Brigade) 6:30pm

Sunday 28th June - (brigade training) 10:00am

Wednesday 8th July - (joint training with Yass Support) 6:30pm

Sunday 26th July - (brigade training) 10:00am

Wednesday 5th August - (joint training with Yass Support) 6:30pm

Sunday 23rd August - (brigade training) 10:00am

Wednesday 2nd September - (joint training with Yass Support) 6:30pm

Sunday 20th September - (brigade training) 10:00am
"discuss training over fire season etc"

- activity and barbecue will depend on number of people that attend and weather.
- brigade training 10am.
- for training in the off season we will be focusing on live fire drills... I.e. Gas bottle props and car fires etc.
- also focus on bonding with other brigades such as Manton, Bookham, Binalong and Yass Fire and Rescue.

RFS Members

If you are an RFS memeber and have login details you can use this link to go to MYRFS

Link to Downloads from RFS website

Make sure you have your home and Bushfire survival plan ready before the season starts

Folow the link to Current Incidents on RFS Website


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